miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

The Genesis of Sodom

[Jami Sieber, Long Past Gone]

"We must dare, dare again, always dare!"
- Georges Danton

And thus a Dvergar is said to have wandered across the polis one day, floating on all formulas and axioms the city required to produce. It ate brunch at the State house, It pissed in the Church, It fornicated in the Laboratory and defecated at the Bank. Thus promptly whistling a tasteful tune as It fled the scene in the darkness, detonating the C4 he carefully and carelessly planted on each house of Laws:

"to believe termites can become pores.
if our common flesh, dēmokratía, decomposes into a popularity game,
a screaming frenzy of creatures with colossal stomachs.
then we are lost.
believe in dialogue.
a single God, a single voice, a single direction
can't compare to the wonders of a reciprocally connected burghal.

spawn and crave subjectivity.

if the human project is to survive we need to identify the decoys of ancient time.
that which has been passed down as the mythical dawn of goodness and virtue.
i invite you into the Gnosis of the self(s).
venture into which methods are conductive to a multiplication of identities,
to a crescendo of sustainable and auto regulatory subjectivities.
we require a basis for speech and craft which invigorates, gives meaning, creates bonds.
yet bestows a critical and self-observing aura.
towards an heuristic web of =being="

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