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[William S. Burroughs] {WHAT WASHINGTON? WHAT ORDERS?}


Old Sarge: "All right you Limey has-been I'm going to say it country simple. You have been taken over like a Banana Republic. Your royal family is nothing but a holograph picture projected by the CIA. What is its purpose Y Well what is the purpose of the Pope for you Catholics good and bad standing with John 23 like a good soldier in the presence of your captain. Any way you slice it it's a grovel operation the way we like to see them I mean what we are doing while the Pope and the other Holies keep the marks para¬lyzed with grovel rays is one of mysteries you cannot understand the mercy of God we don't intend to be here when this shithouse goes up maybe I'm talking too much about private things family matters you might say and that's what we call the good old CIA the Family. When the prodigal son creeps back disillu¬sioned from Peking.

Information known.

Expel barbarian.

Well the Family will forgive him if he is sincere in his hear on a lie detector . . .

"Well we're going to take you back."

The old ham fixes him with blue eyes like steel in sunlight

"Just don't ever let us down again."

From here to eternity the old game of war. Where would the Family be without it? So we can whittle off a little something to keep the royal family projected in Limey Land can't we now? So the Queen needs more money? Well humm call a story conference . . . Just how are we slanting this B.J.?"

B.J. (Doodling muscle boys) . . . "Nothing new. Just keep it going. They do need more money other¬wise they will go down in the same spiral as everybody else and they wouldn't be the royal family any more could wind up in a semidetached in Darlington. They are supposed to be a supernatural family religious figures in fact and the more potent in that they are not acknowledged as such. Just ask an upper-class Eng-lish about the royal family and he goes all huffy and vague

"It's not important . . ."

"Who cares about Philip."

"Can't stand that chap Tony."

"But you want the royal family to continue as such?"

(B.J. bulges a jockstrap)

"Well uh yes we are a monarchy . . . excuse me …”

"What about this million a year?"

"We're all together in this . . . couldn't abolish ti¬tles and keep the royal family . . . We've had to take cuts . . . Why shouldn't they take a cut too . . . " 

Mutiny in the ranks? . . .(He doodles a boy pealing off plastic tits) It could come to that . . . He doodles a boy looking at another boy's ass. A light bulb attached to his head lights up) . . . So why not put the royal family in a Darlington semidetached on a middle-class income and let them prove themselves in a TV serial . . .

Philip and the Queen are doing all right. She is known as Queen to all the nabors where she runs a small grocery shop. Every customer receives the same gracious smile and quick inquiry as to the family she is good at remembering things like that and keeping a line moving at the same time she learned that shaking millions of hands. Philip sells ecology equipment to factories . . . Good at his work and believes in it . . . strong middle-class message there Charles is a successful pop singer. Why they all get knighted in the end one way or another and the wind-up is back in Buckingham stronger than ever . . .

CIA Black: "Don't you think there is some limit somewhere to what people will stand still for? Suppose the ecology equipment doesn't work? Suppose the Queen's gracious smile is reserved for her white customers she has eyes for Enoch Powell and flying saucers . . . Suppose Bonny Prince Charlie . . ."

"For Chrisakes we're building them up not down . . . the Family . . ."

"All right call in the special effects boys and give them supernatural powers . . ."

"Never go too far in any direction is the basic rule on which Limey Land is built. The Queen stabilizes the whole sinking shithouse . . ."

"I tell you anything that is not going forward is going out . . . You know what we can do with special effects and electric brain stimulation . . . Some joker gets out of line we press a button and he shits in his pants at sight of her. That at least would be a step in some direction . . ."

"For Godsake not at this point. If the Queen tries to grab more than she's got imagewise she will lose it all . . . uh I mean we will . . . All the others are hopeless . . . Any of you jokers like to try propping up the queen of Denmark? I say leave it just where it is. It will stagger on for another five or ten years and that's enough. We get smart at this point and the English Republican Party will jump out at us . . ."


"The Queen is an alien symbol basically Germanic in Origin. The Queen is also a white symbol. The White Goddess in fact. Young people want that? Black people want that? Who wants a grovel symbol? Those who need such symbols to keep positions of wealth and privilege. Look at them. Look at Jennifer's Diary . . ."

"I mean ERP could be dangerous."

"That's right. We got a good strong thing here why muck about with it?"

"Why the whole stinking thing could blow up in our faces . . ."

"Brings on my ulcers to think about it . . .”

"We could organize ERP . . ."

"That way we'd be ready to jump in either direction . . . "

"The word that made a man out of an ape and killed the ape in the process keeps man an animal the way we like to see him. And the Queen is just another prop to hold up the word. You all know what we can do with the word. Talk about the power in an atom. All hate all fear all pain all death all sex is in the word. The word was a killer virus once. It could become a killer virus again. The word is too hot to handle so we sit on our ass waiting for the pension. But somebody is going to pick up that virus and use it . . . Virus B-23 . . ."

"Aw we got the Shines cooled back with Che Guevara in a 19th-century set . . .”

“Is that right? And you got the Tiddlywinks cooled too? You can cool anybody else who gets ideas? You going to cool this powder keg with your moth-eaten Queen? I tell you anybody could turn it loose. You all know how basically simple it is . . . Sex word and image cut in with death word and image . . ."

"Yeah we could do it."

"But what about Washington? Our orders?"

"Just one test tube and SPUT . . . What Washington? What orders?"

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