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NON-Existence vs Existence vs Expiration February 28, 2014

NON-Existence vs Existence vs Expiration

(Medulla Oblongatta)

February 28, 2014 at 7:44am
I might sound fatalist but that's what I am; peolpe shouldn't have babies so they can go back to their childhood and make it better. That is another creature,  not you.
Parents shoudn't steal the non-existence from their babies.
NON-Existence sounds better than LIFE, because we're NOT living we are dying, but WE do Exist. So NON-existence and Existence CAN be explained rationally amongst the searchers of dreams and coherence. Logical explanations about non-existence:"I created you therefore you never existed before I brought your existence to expire"

even through the process of NON-EXISTENCE->EXISTENCE->EXPIRATION
when we look into it YES, humans are products, yes we have labels to obey, we are all bound to our date of birth, which was the day we died. We died from our Non-Existence and transferred or transported into Existence. within the existence realm lies many EX-NON-Existencees, those who have forgotten were was they came from. Existencees, have only one purpose, to forget. In the Existencee's realm other Existencees have made it "real" to make false memories and to create non-relative existent bodies(what you would call plastic surgery). going forward through this process, you may "feel". Indoctrination is the only truth!. reality is indoctrination, just as religion, the law, government documents, constitutions, flags, world leaders. They are all simple servants of the ones called the Organizers.This group is the one in charged of all existencees daily expirations. why do you think everyday people kill each other? in this universe expiration or to have another person make you expire is the control that The Organizers have. Why do you see only mid and low class killing each other? gangs, colors(clothing), segregated areas. people who sing about "the 'hood"? these are slaves to The Organizers. You have never seen rich people like gang members, shooting each other? NOT like gang members, turf wars but we got wars between countries! and there we see that The Organizers, the pwerful, they look alike these small gangs. They all unite "allies" to pick on small countries, which is a type of BULLYING. Bullying other countries for their natural resources SHOULD STOP!

Expiration comes when you've done all that you could that keep your Existence from DESIST. DESISTENCE is the reason existencees wait for, and a right.

those who are non-relative existent are going against nature, and there's nothing much stronger, not even The Organizers.

think it over science fiction has always existed. we're not to far from being erased. Countries battle each other for wealth, resources, they lie to us, newspapers, journos, all these plague, ALL those who work in the MEDIA, these are all A.Is created by The Organizers. you want to be part of a controlled society, go join them.

To Become is to erase one's self-Medulla Medulla Oblongatta

millions want to become what magazines tell them, they want to have it all:
clothing, shoes, cars, houses, tennis courts, golf courses, many gadgets. they change their skins to BECOME TV, to BECOME, radio, TO BECOME BEAUTIFUL.

Beautiful is just another word for Dystopia, TOTALITARISM!

IF you aren't alike, YOU MUST BECOME!

UGLINESS is the revolution, we who still are against all perfection, ALL Belonging and acceptance.

The PLOT to this is, DECAPITATE yourself from these type, THE NON-RELATIVE EXISTENT!


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