sábado, 12 de junio de 2010


Logic pervades the world: the limits of the world are also its limits. So we cannot say in logic, 'The world has this in it, and this, but not that.' For that would appear to presuppose that we were excluding certain possibilities, and this cannot be the case, since it would require that logic should go beyond the limits of the world; for only in that way could it view those limits from the other side as well. We cannot think what we cannot think; so what we cannot think we cannot say either.
- Ludwig Wittgenstein

Linguistic danger to spiritual freedom. -- Every word is a prejudice
- Friedrich Nietzsche

No demons dare go beyond the rim, no hero's to slay any gods or any martyrs. Lately I've been wondering if there are stars beyond knowledge, cause there certainly are giants within matter. Still, I acknowledge the moon and I welcome perceptual change.

{a long mathematical silence}

Come before me critter of Satan. Lie before me; allow me a space to suck you off. Within the numbness I spawned. In between the legs of a flourishing nightmare, that maenad concoction dribbling from that abysmal flesh.

{to be or not to be is not sufficient}

What is light and dark? But a request to swallow the blood from in between your thighs. [Pleasure and pain] Morning is nigh! Arise sisters, arise brothers! Justice has arrived they say. Order, godliness coherence! Mr. Plato's devices were correct [?]

I weep in silence. Life is {most definitely} suffering. "no empirical system shall aid you in the disenchantment". "you are alone for now". can i survive in an eternal dichotomy? or shall I transcend into a distant Venus.

To no longer put my trust on the holy revolution, for the stench was unbearable. There was never any silence. There was only an eternal crescendo of noise. Bereft your lords. Bereft yourselves. I have a conviction that there is hope in the quantum plurality [mere expectation some would state]. These atoms are strangers to me. Behold! how they flee while arriving and insert themselves upon me. Spreading monstrous subjectivity and potential. Signs that betray with elaboration. Cultural toxins dripping from Gaia's breasts. There is -no- purity.

Heal me. Heal me. Dionysus. Heal this empirical anomaly, this foolish organism, this bearer of news. Who would seek to quantify existence. How sad. Heal me. From this disease. To doze in knowledge. In whispers. In mendacity.

Blessed be the days that haven't arrived. Nostalgic futurists glee amok. Sob before your truths and your lies. Moan and take refuge in yourselves. I hold nothing, and in that God of light I forget. I forget the pledges made. In that rain of cum and aether, this illusory critter who speaks made a promise to Baphomet. Thus we fucked to remember my sapiency.