miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

The Book of Re-Enchantment {Fragment}

Mariama, Boubacar Traore

"The pillars of our societies lay bared, starving, depleted in endless agony. The collateral damage splashes cheap perfume in our faces, while we continue to grip and put forth teleological games. The oh oh factor, that is, our indisposition to understand reality as residue of history and language within the study and creation of knowledge vis a vi of truths... The cannons take aim at a foundational epistemology and thus the specters, those truly sickened by the will to flee into concepts. Models of reality stemming from historical processes of belief systems rather than from "an ultimate vantage point", be them rational, empirical, pragmatic, holy... or all of the above.

The doubts and the tears and the pleasures side with the "Tongue of Advaita". Beware of that chimera that sleeps in your breast, that ticking universality, that quick to judge and "discover". And I speak in tongues, and I weep under the tree's shadows, and I yank the atoms of Samsara. The search for absolute foundations of Gnosis, Truth and Goodness are the outcome of a referential theory of language. A flash pan hunter. He who promises from afar."

[The Book of Re-Enchantment was found inside a fake wall of the Afro-Caribbean Arts and Folklore Institute in Haiti. The artifact was written in an unknown form of Sanskrit. Moreover, there are no entries in the Institutes's records of when or who donated the item. The text has no information concerning author or place of origin and its missing several chapters. Dr. Joaquin Gomfrey Abiodun's research with thermoluminescence testing reveals the papyrus and ink used dates back 6000 years]

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