miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Merry-Go-Round the Horror Vacui

Rokia Traore, M'bifo

“These days which, like yourself,
seem empty and effaced,
save avid roots that delve
to work deep in the waste”
- James Merrill

"Nature abhors a vacuum"
- Aristotle

Nomadic weaver of artifices,
streaming from zenith to nadir,
across thousands of continents and positrons,
varying in form, content and logic.
By no means mislaid 

nor devoid of dedicated strokes and tickles,
relentlessly seeking out ecstasy and catastrophe, [viciously]
curing those entities superficial enough to be cured,
ghouls, automatons and mountains,
cleaning wounds of strangers every day.
Eyes of the hermit, perceptions of the bizarre,
The senses now intensify
I subsist abundantly now!

Overwhelming life.
Overwhelming pain.
I urged to perform further than horizons,
forgetting distinctions,
doubting with style.
[Self] Accommodations between tongues.

Vacuums, translations and immersions
encompass the homo sapient symbolic bondage.
Thus certain melodic perversions
are inexorably perceived throughout
nonessential amorphous shadows.
Mere gravitational noemata,
electromagnetic diagnoses,
incorporeal voices,
thinking apparatuses,
and de-anxietized sapients.

Occupy matter, as a matter of fact.
Sublime configurations of eccentricity and uncanny resolve
knots itself unto fibers of asymmetrical panic;
a certain communal fragmentation 

of all viral locomotions ensues.
Spirals and toxins melt the cosmos at will,
reshaping, reforming the hemorrhage into
numerous organs, tools and cryptograms;
radicalizing transactions and appetites.

Awful boredom appears amidst the ocean of symptoms,
indicating undischarged tensions somewhere in the tissue,
{As we know, 

this rarely ever troubles enlighten men, 
schizos or junkies}

Capricious volumes of burdens frequently collapse,
unleashing the tedious pressures,
cultivating an unalterable network of mists,
retractable halls, overflowed with
bodily aromas and collective lobotomies.
Where jigsaw puzzles surface like toys,
surrounded by fabrics of nuclear jokes.

Weary, yet breathing, I stumble, discern and covet…
[To become and be no more]
Subsequently my tongue escaped and licked you;
what exquisite dissimilarity have I come across!?
An additional! an otherness! a singularity outside my wits!
A fully integrated entity! Differentiated from my logic!
I detect foreign motions

exploring inestimable memoirs and stimuli.
Fire in your gaze, 

command in your flesh,
tremors in your sighs.
The gravitational tempest is throbbing, a swollen pulp of nerves and trauma.
Oh righteous thirst! Howling enthusiasm! Intrepid auto regulatory determination!
To speak in tongues, eat the roots of chimeras and compute formulas of precision!
Thus invoking an eerie confabulation into the awareness machinery.

I seek no redemption, I seek no salvation.
I be my redeemer, I be my savior.

[Into the fields] Investigating the enchanting mucus,

the ethereal entrails
and those elastic extremities that adapt at will.
Scarred as they are, so alike my own,
their belligerence and masochism verbalizes
a fatal mnemonic junction of functions.
Consequently I greedily swallow their dripping fervor,
a solar plexus revolving primordial magma,
transfiguring your thumping particles into valiant and incensed Maenads.

[A trigonometry of need] Deploying this tongue here, 

over the raw plump membrane.
Depositing saliva onto your surfaces and orifices whilst
collecting your viscosities onto my muscle of tastes.
Munching on the thick labia, ensnared in your fur!
I have you in my grasp! You have me in your embrace!
For we are an animal nexus; where meaty conduits and frictions blossom!
So ripe and full, how magnificent!
Superior to all others on this instant!

Organic noises sway the multitalented satisfactions, 

their anatomical cleverness.
All limbs to intertwine with! 

How do you like it this way? Ah, cheers!
Your insides swollen, 

moisturized by the sizzling juices of covetousness.
Your physique! It tingles on this very moment!
Soon all sensations will radicalize exponentially
into a crescendo, so as to not recall anything.
Oh! Boundaries and limits are no more! We’ve vanished!
Microscopic fusions galore; a coming together of bodies.

Gladly rubbing the multitude of infernos 

you keep buried in the cortex region,
where swelling suns and tempting chimeras descend, inebriated with dusk gumbo.
So chemically consistent, so pleasantly hectic.
We must dare! Always dare!
To suffer each other’s satisfaction with the utmost style.
You've already enticed my arteries,
my medulla oblongata, my symbolic labyrinths.

Beloved specters, I detect and conjure simulacra!
Entire cities mutating, inscribing rationales of power. 

[Art along sensual Truths]
It’s the story of a sapient who found freedom, in the most unlikeliest of places:
within the crepuscular compartments of nonlinear logic.
However scavenger, be forewarned!
sapient narratives have no nature, no home, no origin.
It's constructions are blood-soaked, it's characters perverted,
and it's themes synthetic at best.
Remember this peregrine!
in order to know virtue, 

we must acquaint ourselves with vice,
only then can we grasp the holistic measure of the species!

Assimilating my way around complexes 

within complexes of quanta and shadows,
all cities carry the plague, tired scriptures and virtual treaties;
streets are carrousels interconnecting us into its tissue.
The spectacle is universally dogmatic, yet paradoxically,
it is unwilling to arrive at any concrete dogma.
Nothing stands still for it.
This uncertainty is the supreme condition; 

that of unknowable preconditions,
so if you are to find yourself 

stranded in any sort of portal,
a cautionary tale:
abandon appearances and essences, 

summon tricks and jokes.
Every algorithm is a creative algorithm,
even if it has a destructive result.

Savor every drop of Samsāra!
Curl, quiver, inflate, deflate and dissolve 

realistic antagonisms of the drama.
Rest beside me; 

expose a method, a means into your lobes and undulations.
Surrender as I have, 

coveting the other, remembering that which is [not I]
Let us square off, beast of [in]sanity!
Prove me your strength! Roar as I too!
Allow me to experience your decoys and aches.
Fire flows from fire, and my water boils.
Teach me how to communicate through you.
Is this crave to endure your flaming tentacles
submerging my antennas just too selfish?
Teach me a raw language mysterious stranger! 

Let’s get lost on purpose!

If at this moment you flee! Hastily shall you pursuit!
If you merely spurn memorabilia! Soon shall you forget!
If you know not love! Soon shall you consider it! 

[Even reluctant]

Draw closer then, grant me surcease,
not only from starvation, but from indulgence.
Drive away care; instill nutrition and spit in my countless jaws.
Fulfill that which I yearn to accomplish;
Be [thou] my ally... and nemesis.

Stroll away from me! Beset my name even!
You attractive, yet unbearable other, non are bound forever.
Be absent, missing, astray.
Abandon the sanctuaries of harmony, 

where nothing [is] any longer.
As we doze and nap, dreams have command to influence sleep,
as we rise and clash, wandering thoughts maneuver wakefulness.
To feel! To conceive! To reason! To laugh! And to sob!
Whilst we cast our cares away!

Don’t seek redemption, don’t seek salvation
be your redeemer, be your savior.

If one should have a companion, 

then one must be willing to wage war in proxy,
and in order to wage war, one must be a cunning trickster.
In one's ally one may have one's perfect enemy!
We are closest to our lovely comrades when we withstand their transgressions.

The great laws, hegemonies old, 

how vainly would technocratic architects
enquire, distinguish, define, formulate and inculcate phenomena.
Language depends on the most naïve prejudices,
did you not yawn at their monotonous pure thinking?
The inconspicuousness of Truth or False.
In the vast designs of fate, thinking itself becomes us.

Into the nocturnal we set out!
Her moon bites deeper than ever before!
So temperate, so fierce, so prominent,
So precious now…
I interpreted your ocular machinations eons ago.
[Or was it the other way around?]
On the epoch of synthetic exhalation, we acknowledged.
Never be frightened of what you might stumble upon.
Roam across the asymmetry, for twilight is nigh!
We mind a solitary duty in the closing stages of the world; 

to push forth!
Raw wastelands are everywhere! 

At the nowhere juncture! Do concede to this!
[Artificial hibernation]
The vomit of the universe landed here and there,
[and back again]
in the evaporating woodland,
beneath the conspiring flora,
over the whimsical jungles,
surrounded by nonsensical oceans,
at the desert of the real,
[Yummy dessert of the real?]
where moments drift unto the next and vice versa,
(di)simulating utilitarian serenity,
within the deteriorating juicy frenzy of the now;
As plump heuristic thighs engulf entropic mysticisms,
dizzying doubts suggest a welcomed therapy; all is allowed.
As leafs desert the once soothing branches,
collapsing toward the soil; as was promised.
[Gravitational axis of the circumstances]

{I slid next to her; she has pleasant fat legs under that polka skirt,
we kissed, as my touch intermingles throughout her body}

Our poltergeist kin are bound to turn round up in a vicious cycle.
Perspicacity nourished on melancholy and angst
attains the configuration of aporias,
symptoms of national, and by all means, galactic decline.
The unfathomable casts a fluorescent dimness on all planets
and provides the incurable brusqueness of sundown.
[Mind control is obsolete]
There are no resolutions; there are however cowards veiled as such.
[Symbolic design is the prospect]
We recognize the mutilated folk,
replicated multitudes of spiraling feral containers.
[Hegemony over context]
Herd critters march down the hill,
rummaging for a barn in the midst’s of killing fields,
covertly suspecting something is missing.
Driven gradually and silently
into a category of terminal paralysis,
manifesting with the apprehension
that the single thing you want is not here.
A critical circumference. [Frontier of I, me, mine]
Some unexpected surplus; what its victims suffer from are reminiscences.

{She saw me, for who I was, a total stranger,
values transgress physics, solid melts into air}

An overload of elegant sensory circuitry ruptures,
conducting chain reactions; an avalanche of singularities.
What deceitful edifices of data, composition and fractals we are!
Purring the tumultuous melody of the nightingale;
Sensuality and cruelty as crafted by an astral vacuity!

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